Edwards Turtle Pie and Girls Night In

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Are you drooling at this photo of EDWARDS ® Turtle Pie as much as I am?

I have two very close friends and they are greatest people in the world.  They are the most giving women I have ever met and they inspire me to do the same.

They are the kind of people who will give the shirt off their back for me and for anyone else in the world.  Once Melissa, quite literally, gave the jacket of her back to a homeless woman braving a brutal NJ snowy day.  Gina spends most of her weekends volunteering for a local teen outreach program

They are the most selfless people I have ever met…..

….. but they have one ginormous flaw!


Quesadillas With Macaroni Salad

If you want to make quick and easy dinners for the whole family, make these Vegetarian quesadillas with macaroni salad. Vegetarian meals for kids.

It is mashup time on my blog today.  I took Mexican macaroni salad and made into fillings to put it into a quesadilla.

You must be wondering why I am doing this mashup. 

The answer is simple. 



Watermelon Curry (Rajasthani Style)


This watermelon curry is an homage to the Indian state of Rajasthan which was my very first vacation.

When my birthday comes around, my parents tend to get a little nostalgic. 

Even though my birthday is still about 2 months away, they have already started reminiscing.  A few weeks ago, they pulled out old albums and started telling me about the early days.


Make Slushies Without A Slushy Machine

How to make a slushy - Using fresh watermelons and honeydew, make this awesome summer coolers.  Takes only 10 minutes.  Add Malibu Rum to make the grown-up version

So, how do I make slushies without a slushy machine?  I found that it is very simple to make my own slushies at home.

Normally, summer time for me means a daily run (sometimes 3 times a day) to my neighborhood convenient store to get some ice cold slushies

Slushies make me very happy.  I think I can drink about five of them before I start bouncing off walls.


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